Fireside at Desert Ridge

Fireside at Desert RidgeValues as of: Q2 2017
Number of Homes:920
Builder:Del Webb/Pulte Homes Corp.
Years built:2007 - 2014
Zoning: R1-6, R-2, R-3, R-3A, R-8
Avg. Home Size:3,070 SF
Home Size Range:1,444 - 4,497 SF
Avg. Lot Size:5,836 SF | .13 acres
Avg. Assessed Home Value:475,724
Avg. Sales Price 2007 - Present530,813
Gated Access:No
Community Park:Yes
HOA Management: AAM, LLC
Association Fees:$110/$144/mo

Fireside at Desert Ridge is the second largest community within Desert Ridge, consisting of 842 single-family homes and 78 townhomes. Built by Pulte/Del-Webb between the years of 2007-2014, this community is divided into seven different subdivisions each with its own unique name as well as HOA division. Residents have access to the Fireside Clubhouse & Park, which offers excellent amenities to those living within Fireside.

There are five collections of homes within Fireside, ranging from townhome units with two-car garages and 1,444 square feet to sprawling six-bedroom homes with four-car garages and over 4,300 square feet. Despite being broken into several neighborhoods, there is a strong sense of community within Fireside. The entire development has been beautifully planned with a large amount of open space, trails, parks as well as incorporating the four natural washes which run through the community.

Visit the subdivision pages for more details, including available floor plans within each:

Amber Crest at Fireside

Crimson Point at Fireside

Copper View at Fireside

Saguaro Valley at Fireside

Scarlet Ridge at Fireside

Sierra Peak at Fireside

Sunset Canyon at Fireside

CommunityHomes/UnitsYears Constructed:Avg Home/Unit Size:Homes/Units Size Range (SF):Avg. Lot Size:Avg. Assessed Value: Historical Avg. Sales Price:Gated Access:
Amber Crest at Fireside2022007 - 20133315 SF1,973 - 4,0827,790 SF | .18 acres521,907563,765No
Copper View at Fireside742012 - 20132,902 SF2,084 - 3,3516,847 SF | .16 acres477,055513,018No
Crimson Point at Fireside1502007 - 20143,857 SF2,084 - 4,4978,735 SF | .2 acres601,933664,275No
Desert Vista at Fireside782007 - 20092,205 SF1,941 - 2,400N/A321,600372,014Yes
Saguaro Valley at Fireside812008 - 20122,897 SF1,902 - 3,7846657 SF | .15 acres452,214500,390No
Scarlet Ridge at Fireside1082010 - 20131,634 SF1,444 - 1,8752,450 SF | .05 acres252,029277,053Yes
Sierra Peak at Fireside962008 - 20091,626 SF1,444 - 1,8752,439 SF | .05 acres245,108288,164Yes
Sunset Canyon at Fireside1192007 - 20103,059 SF2,421 - 3,4935,938 SF | .14 acres458,225537,013No