Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)


The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is an exhibition center, theater and museum; the largest of its type in the world. It holds a collection of over 15,000 musical instruments and associated objects includes examples from nearly 200 countries and territories, representing every inhabited continent.

First opened in 2010, the contemporary building covers approximately 200,000 square feet, with two floors of light-filled galleries. Built at a cost of over $250 million, MIM creates an exciting musical experience for visitors. The exhibit for each country features a flat screen high-resolution video showing local musicians performing on native instruments. Visitors can listen to the performances through a wireless guidePORT and headphones that are activated automatically when an exhibit is being observed.

The facility contains a 299 seat theater for concerts, which are held primarily after regular hours. There is also a cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating.