Sky Crossing

While not officially designated as part of Desert Ridge, the newest, and largest planned development coming to the community is sure to change the landscape and provide an exceptional lifestyle that is sure to appeal to most.

The Property is State Trust Land managed by the Arizona State Land Department under a Certificate of Purchase to Cave Buttes Development Partners, LLC.  The Sky Crossing PCD includes a Conceptual Development Plan that promotes a variety of residential neighborhood types, which will feature a range of lot sizes that accommodate a diverse mix of residential home sizes, product types and living opportunities. Sky Crossing is strategically designed as its own sustainable enclave in response to being surrounded to the north, south and west by public land uses.

The northwest quadrant of Sky Crossing is planned as a gated community with a semi-passive amenity area. The remainder of Sky Crossing is planned as non-gated neighborhoods with a centrally located major active amenity area. A site for future elementary school is reserved centrally within the community near the central amenity area.

These land use categories accommodate a range of residential densities from 820 units on the low end to 2,050 units on the high end. The Sky Crossing PCD proposes a target of 1,621 dwelling units at an overall density of 3.95 dwelling units per acre.

The neighborhoods within Sky Crossing will be connected by a network of collector streets that efficiently accommodate circulation in a ‘ribbon’ movement pattern through the Property with connectivity to the overall area. Residential local streets will be developed in both public and private street configurations to promote a diversity of opportunities for the future Sky Crossing residents and will be designed in a pedestrian-friendly manner. The proposed community amenity spaces, elementary school site, and pedestrian and bicycle pathway network will support the planned approximately 1,621 residential homes.

Sky Crossing will be developed and constructed in a phased manner depending on market demand. It is anticipated that development will be completed in five phases. The division of the phases has been strategically planned to result in the logical extension of infrastructure between different phases of development. The first phase of development is expected to take place in the third quarter of 2017. The development and construction of future phases will be completed as market conditions warrant units.


Sky Crossing has entered into a development agreement with the City of Phoenix to facilitate the full improvement of Deer Valley Road to a major arterial street from Cave Creek Road to Black Mountain Boulevard. Subsequently, Haydon Building Corp (“Haydon”) has been selected as the project’s Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and are tasked with managing construction of the improvements, including new drainage structures, six traffic lanes, raised medians, bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, streetlights, and traffic signals.

Below is a summary of the anticipated schedule for the Deer Valley Road Improvements Sequencing Schedule for Phase 1 & Phase 2:
♦ May 2017: Native plant salvage, clear and grub, utility relocations, and temporary asphalt.
♦ June to October 2017: Construct box culverts and storm drainage North lanes.
♦ Mid August – November 2017: Install curb gutter, sidewalks, pave and landscape North lanes.
♦ Mid November 2017: Switch traffic to North lanes.
♦ Mid November – February 2018: Construct box culverts and storm drain South lanes.
♦ December 2017 – March 2018: Install curb gutter, sidewalks, pave and landscape South lanes, final pave both halves, landscape, and complete road.

Sky Crossing Development Narrative
City of Phoenix